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6 maanden geleden

How female entrepreneurs can find the best leads for their business

Tineke Rensen · When it comes to finding new leads for your business, many female entrepreneurs are struggling to create a consistent flow of leads. And it does not need to be this way. Finding leads can be easy when you follow these guidelines. · Continuity pays off. · First of all creating lea ...

6 maanden geleden

Business Scaling Strategies For Female Entrepreneurs

Tineke Rensen · Scaling a business can be challenging for most female entrepreneurs. Although scaling a business is exciting and can get you to new heights of success, one wrong step and all your efforts go in vain. · Most businesswomen are not big fans of scaling their business. They don’t know ...

6 maanden geleden

Why Female Entrepreneurs Often Forget To Create SOP’s

Tineke Rensen · In these current times, you need to come up with a great business strategy to succeed as a female entrepreneur. Your business also needs to be of a substantial size. But how do you achieve this? This is why you need a business blueprint. · A business blueprint is a series of step ...

7 maanden geleden

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Find The Right Client

Tineke Rensen · How Female Entrepreneurs Can Find The Right Client · Nowadays, everyone wants to start a business. Owning a business gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. You are your boss. Who wouldn’t want that? · Starting a business is no big deal. All you need is an idea. But mainta ...

7 maanden geleden

Why Promoting Themselves Is Difficult For Female Entrepreneurs

Tineke Rensen · Why Promoting Themselves Is Difficult For Female Entrepreneurs · From the perspective of your clients, you are your brand or business so there is no reason why you shouldn’t self-promote. But what is self-promoting? · Self-promoting is a great way to increase your brand visibilit ...

8 maanden geleden

Why Female Entrepreneurs Should NOT Buy Niche Programs When They Want To Scale Their Business

Tineke Rensen · Most marketing gurus preach niching down as a way to promote yourself and your brand. The usual advice normally sounds like this “find your niche, niche down, don’t go wide, focus on serving one aspect of the market. · It’s why you see most buyers of knowledge and expertise, or b ...

8 maanden geleden

Female Entrepreneurs Need to Know That Growing a Business is Never About Changing Just One Thing

Tineke Rensen · A business is like a human organ; everything is interconnected. · When you change one thing it most likely affects something else in your business too. · Creating a thriving business is hardly ever about changing just one thing. You’ll need to tweak many things until you get it r ...

9 maanden geleden

Why Female Entrepreneurs Should Not Shy Away From Automation

Tineke Rensen · Female entrepreneurs have so much on their plate to keep up with! Managing a business takes a ton of your time and effort. However, automation can save female entrepreneurs time and money, and it can be easy to implement. Automation is becoming more popular, with about 25% of sma ...

11 maanden geleden

Hire a good business coach for women to get professional consultant

Tineke Rensen · Summary: The given article is about a reputed business coach who aid women to start and earn money online from home. · In this present era, business opportunities for women are something that almost all women desire for. Many women love to go out in order to earn money, but at t ...

11 maanden geleden

Business Coach for Women

Tineke Rensen · Being a successful business person is never easy. If you are a woman, then this task is a bit more difficult. It certainly is not easy for a woman to step inside the men’s world. You need to master the tactics and skills that will help you gain perfection. · This is where you fe ...

1 jaar geleden

Grow Your Business Significantly with Good Business Coach

Tineke Rensen · Summary: This featured article will provide a short information about a good business coach who helps woman entrepreneurs to grow their businesses significantly. · Establishing a successful business isn’t so easy. Right? Well, you can make your business successful with the right ...

1 jaar geleden

How can you ever be successful in Business when there are so many things you need to do.

Tineke Rensen · Being a woman in business has 2 sides. · It is great to be free and making your own decisions and grow in any way which suits you best. To work with whoever you choose to work with. To work whenever you want and wherever you want and to create and sell whatever you want to sell.I ...

3 jaar geleden

Valuable Contacts Event - Delft

Gemma Rubio Rodrigo · Yes! We at Female Ventures Delft we are organizing an event to kick off the new year and we are so excited! :) · How many people are between you and your goal? · What do you want to achieve and who can help you with this? · We want to help with those questions and more! · We are ...

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