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9 maanden geleden

10 Business Coaching Scams To Know About, For Female Entrepreneurs

Tineke Rensen · Female entrepreneurs are not immune to suggested successes. There may be scammers calling themselves a business coach for women, but it is actually just going to drain your money. You need to be careful before you hire a business coach for female entrepreneurs or outsource any wo ...

9 maanden geleden

Why Female Entrepreneurs Should Be Very Cautious About Paying For Leads

Tineke Rensen · When it comes to leads, quality trumps quantity. Many lead-gen agencies promise quantity but lack quality leads to provide your business. · Female entrepreneurs need to be very cautious about paying for leads, especially on Facebook. I’m a business coach for female entrepreneurs, ...

10 maanden geleden

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Get Leads From Facebook

Tineke Rensen · Facebook can help female entrepreneurs get in front of potential customers, promote brand awareness, and develop a community. But one of the best reasons that female entrepreneurs should use Facebook is to develop leads. In fact, about one in four Facebook users who click on an a ...

10 maanden geleden

Why Female Entrepreneurs Should Start their Own Facebook Group

Tineke Rensen · For over ten years, Facebook Groups have brought like-minded people together. Over 1.8 billion people use Groups every month. It’s safe to say that most audiences are on Facebook groups. Female entrepreneurs have an opportunity to tap into that audience and create a tribe around ...

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