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Why Female Entrepreneurs Should Be Very Cautious About Paying For Leads

Why Female Entrepreneurs Should Be Very Cautious About Paying For LeadsWHY FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS SHOULD BE



When it comes to leads, quality trumps quantity. Many lead-gen agencies promise quantity but lack quality leads to provide your business.

Female entrepreneurs need to be very cautious about paying for leads, especially on Facebook. I’m a business coach for female entrepreneurs, and even I have had unfortunate outcomes from hiring people to get leads for my business. The best female entrepreneurs can make mistakes quickly and learn and grow from them, as now I have learned better ways to get leads. However, as I share my experiences, hopefully, you can learn from my experience why you should be cautious paying for Facebook leads.

My Experience With a Facebook Lead-Gen Agency

I hired a Facebook leads generation company to engage with my audience to get appointments. I paid USD 1600 for two months. The company promised a certain number of conversations, but it ended up being a total waste of money.

Unfortunately, the only leads the agency provided were not well-targeted. I had a few conversations, but they were mostly with women who had no clue about doing business and had no money to pay me.

When I have the right leads, I have a 50% closing rate. However, after $1600 and two months, the company had wasted my time with poorly targeted leads and a 0% closing rate.

My Experience With a Facebook Ads Agency

I also worked with a Facebook ads agency to promote my funnel. The agency provided lots of traffic to my page, but no conversion. They explained it away, saying that the page was not performing well to convert their traffic. But I discovered that the traffic they sent to my site was broad, and not my target audience.

I had similar experiences worked with a company on LinkedIn and an individual who worked on Facebook. In the end, I had to drop them all because it wasn’t working out.

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