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We are organizing a great event in The Hague: Empowerment through dance

We are looking forward to our next event - workshop in The Hague that brings empowerment through dance. This ancestral way of communicating is as powerful as unexplored by many.

Nalani Kopp is going to take us dancing. More precisely, empowerment through movement. Not at random, her guidance is precise and we move towards a direction, albeit we might at first not know where or why.

Nalani is the founder of ArtherapyHQ, which combines her four joys in life: love, community, experience and health. Its mission is to heal and inspire women using holistic methods. ArtherapyHQ helps women envision their futures by sharing immersive experiences.

For the past 5 years, Nalani has developed immersive Diversity & Inclusion programs and shared solutions for 20+ companies across industries. She was recognized for her work at Tech Inclusion conferences hosted by Google, Viacom, and Deloitte. Her career has included leading diverse teams in various roles at various tech companies such as IBM and Capgemini and writing articles about Customer Experience which have been published by Capgemini and Salesforce. 

ArtherapyHQ Experience

ArtherapyHQ Experiences are designed to inspire women and to build lasting memories. By combining movement techniques derived from modern dance and performance theatre, this Experience will remind you about the importance of physical connections. You will learn to fall and to get back up while further developing your self-confidence. 

Please wear athletic/ flexible clothes for the event. Dancing experience is not required.

The location will be shared soon!

Before, and after the workshop, there will be great moments to connect to each other and share experiences. Drinks and small bites are included.

Invitation for whom?

All ambitious women and men who want to grow (further) professionally and want to help others grow are welcome. Whether you have a long track record at a large corporate, whether you are a student, an entrepreneur for long or just starting. Young, young of mind, experienced or less experienced.

Hope to see you all there. You can get your ticket here   👉

We are organizing a great event in The Hague: Empowerment through dance

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