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Some loose pennies, from the windmill of my mind.

Some loose pennies, from the windmill of my mind.~here are some random thoughts that came up a year ago when I was writing under Tom Orrow ((almost) un-edited ) at LinkedIn:

(I thought to release this "almost as is" as a buzz about fractals here on beBee a few days ago caught my eye. 

Only, because geometry uses numbers  ...  ;)

Some loose pennies, from the windmill of my mind.~

Are we Numbered?

Although innovation works different for different people, there are some ground rules for deliberate creativity. One of these rules is that there needs to be some friction or tension in the system for want of another word. Edward de Bono, the father of Lateral Thinking, often used a wordplay technique for instance. He suggested to use the word Po as a prefix to a statement that was absolutely impossible or crazy. It was the beginning of a language he continued to develop over the next three decades. Thinking Outside the Box and so on are terms we are all familiar with. But how often do we use them? If we do, how effective are they?

One of a more known technique is to explore those outrageous things you normally would avoid. The more fantastic they are, the better the results from your thinking as you have to work your way back to create it in the first place. In the de Bono language, Po was originally introduced as a Positive nO, like in: Po, the car has square wheels. Positive thinking, polarization and possibilities formed the basis for the Six Hats technology and was derived from examples as to why a car did not have square wheels. By taking the negative “no” - the negation - out of the statement and place it deliberately and positively in front of it, you can then much more easily examine what might happen if an untruth were to be true. The intend is to create possibilities. Please know that the TPLSG lettering configuration itself also has another very specific meaning, which I won’t discuss here, but the fact that they are is important to note here. The way how the brain organizes and absorbs imaginary components of information is important to understand, which became the format of his Six Hat Concept. I will explore symbolism later.

PO has it’s own function. De Bono conceived a system of thinking that has five stages of how to think about any problem. He defined these five stages as: To-Lo-Po-So-Go. The first two stages explored the information about what you think about. To is the objective to define the parameters. The Lo(w) looks for information, or the lack thereof. After the Positive nO, the other two stages are the logical conclusions you come to now that you have that information, and at the fifth stage you think about which person is going to do what when how to action upon the plan to realize your thinking into concrete results.

This way of thinking is something that doesn't get a lot of attention in our normal way of reasoning. But it can easily be learned through a little bit of embarrassment, acting and practice. This way of thinking is a deliberately different to our day to day logical deductions and inferences. Deliberate creativity however is conceptually the same as setting out to deliberate using logic that comes to a justifiable conclusion. Innovation is merely a different way of operating. In our ever faster changing world, both thinking styles are needed and have their own specific usage and function. They are distinctive thinking tools in their own right. Each has their own place.

The usage of the word Po serves as an indication that you are about to say something silly. You can just throw it up in the conversation, just as the thought occurred. That is all it does. If everyone understands the language, it has its own function to deliberately shift the reasoning away from normally attributing logic before we can explain the unknown. Through that, you derive at completely other concepts that in turn leads to a new idea all together that you would normally never explore - for good reason. Say you are seeking ideas about a reduction of water pollution. PO, the chemical factory has its waste water disposal upstream to it’s own location and it’s intake downstream from itself. The result from such an impractical statement is that the factory itself becomes the first casualty of it’s own waste. Using Edward's words sidewards, upwards.

Po, we live in more than one Universe.

Some loose pennies, from the windmill of my mind.~

The "Po, we live in more than one Universe." statement opens up the possibility for a different way of looking at our Universe. Before this statement there were basically two ways to looking at our Universe: One is through our Universe to be singular that stemmed from the Big Bang. The other, through the possibility of a Multiple Universe - however that might look like. A Singular Universe we can easily observe and be reasonably sure and deduct about what is so. A Multiverse is somewhat more difficult to imagine as we have no preconceived picture in our minds how that might look like. A Multiverse is often described as a series of an infinite amount of parallel Universes in existence at the same time. This is setting one polarity against the other.

Some loose pennies, from the windmill of my mind.~

A declaration that we are in a specific number of a multiverse could mean that there is a series of Universes - that came to existence in sequence. The most logical pattern to use for that exploration would be the Fibonacci sequence. First we had nothing, then we had one. After that we repeat the steps. The next in sequence was always the result of the sum of the two previous numerical expressions. Zero is nothing and becomes every thing. Zero and One become One. One divides itself into Two I's, or identical parts. One and one equal two. One and two makes three and so on.

Some loose pennies, from the windmill of my mind.~

The principle of Fibonacci’s pattern is to make first split itself into half to end up doubling itself. From nothing into one. From one into two. The first two are identical to each other, yet different to the original. Then add these two to each other to arrive at the next form of expression in sound. That process has been repeating itself as an expression of life. This is similar to the natural version of the evolving Universe itself. In effect, we would be using the language of the Universe to understand it’s real meaning.

Some loose pennies, from the windmill of my mind.~

If our Universe is indeed part of the Fibonacci sequence itself, then we can explore where Our Universe might be in that sequence. If we are not the first one to exist, then the Universe Before Us could have imploded itself into the Big Bang. That way we might be the second, or third, fifth.

That would lead to the reasonable conclusion that if there was another Universe before ours, then that could have either imploded into itself into a dark hole to the best of our knowledge. This implosion then becomes the Big Bang of our current Universe. Maybe the Big Bang was the result of a previous Universe Number Eight that had split itself into two. If an Eight splits itself into identical halves, it ends up as two zeros. Two no-things, if you like a word play. A spinning object with a tail. That way the question of what was before the Big Bang becomes perhaps a little more explorable. 

Once this thought occurred, I could not help but noticing the following, that concluded in the transcendence of mind: 

If numbers symbolizes our reality, what do the forms and the patterns of numbers really mean?

Nine as the root number of our current Universe, as a possible operating principle from a Fibonacci perspective. If I add up all the single digits into another single digit, I end up with nine. If I multiply any thing with nine and work back to the root number, I end up with nine. If I continue to divide a circle into half and add up the remaining angle into a root number, I end up with nine also. Both multiplication and division always ends up in nine. No other number in our Universe has this self-similar property. Is this why Nicola Tesla said that three six and nine are the key to the Universe. To me, there is more to the number nine than what we might realize. As a sample, the table below right points to the root number of our circle.

Some loose pennies, from the windmill of my mind.~

Is Nine a hidden number of our Universe that we have not recognized as such?

Some loose pennies, from the windmill of my mind.~This gives the statement as above so below a different meaning - don't you think? Please watch Marko Rodin explaining more about nine and Vortex Based Mathematics. It will blow your mind. The patterns - and knowledge - that Rodin discovered is nothing less than revolutionary, not just replicating Tesla's free energy, but surpassing it!

These numbers work seamlessly in a perfect symbiotic harmony with each other. It is truly amazing. The relation ship between the nine, three and six is everywhere noticeable. On the image above left the one and eight are a pair, two and seven four and five. The three pairs of two (six) make three nines. Using the Fibonacci principle by adding the two previous numbers together, results in a constant flux between three's and sixes. 

Rodin's knowledge translates to the understanding of how to create free energy!

The outcome of his rationale shows a remarkable resemblance to the pattern of an infinite flow of energy through a sequence of increasing and decreasing movements, that could symbolize the "breathing pattern" of the Universe, like waves coming onto a shore line.

In becoming drawn to numbers I decided to play around a bit with this pattern. Below are the six numbers placed in a pattern of a vortex, taken from the image I had created for this original LinkedIn post. I am not claiming to be an expert of the subject but I found it interesting to play with the principles of Rodin's Vortex Based Mathematics. Observe how the black numbers become the red root number within the pairs.

~Some loose pennies, from the windmill of my mind.~

Thank you for having taken the time to have a look at an old pot of my honey today. You can support this contribution if you leave a comment, or - for the less brave - by giving it your thumbs up, or share it so others can bee amazed by numbers as well. Good bee hives have healthy numbers. Are you also numbered?

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Some loose pennies, from the windmill of my mind.~

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