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Shaping your career path event - The Hague (The Netherlands

Shaping your career path event - The Hague (The NetherlandsI! A] [J ABN-AMRO

Rianda 7 Der Veen Pet | Margot Potman

I'm so delighted to announce the next event we are organizing in The Hague, on Thursday 11 April:

                                                                         - SHAPING YOUR CAREER PATH -

The event will be at ABN AMRO full electric (i.e. no gas) and highly sustainable building: Has been rewarded with a BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate will definitely add to the inspiration.💪

Our two speakers will take you along on the road that led to their current positions. Will tell us their stories about the opportunities and challenges they faced, will benefit you in shaping your future road choices along the way! 😃

The first speaker, Margot Potman is the sector director for the Retail industry within the Commercial Banking department of the bank.

The second speaker, Rianda van der Veen, Organizational Psychologist and founder of companies MasterMama and MasterMynd.

Before, and after the keynotes, there will be great moments to connect to each other and share experiences.
Drinks and small bites are included. We can have a great and amazing time together.

We will play to the “Bee-game”: the most fun and interactive way to network. Find helpful contacts for the person in your group with the greatest challenge!

Get your ticket now and join us!  

Men are more than welcome. See you there!! :)

#FemaleVenturesDelft #Bussiness #Career #Youcandoit #TheHague #Inspiration #Motivation #Event #woman #empower #careerpath

Get your ticket here!

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