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PEDLINE - Pediatric platform is looking for suport

My friend Rogerio Fortunato de Barros from Brazil is a Pediatric Neurosurgeon and together with other professionals they have created a platform for the non-profit institution PEDLINE (medical society).

The platform goal is to be used as a tool in the early diagnosis of childhood diseases. The texts and materials published there, are intended to increase the real chances of the cure or better treatment results.  They want to prevent childhood diseases worldwide, but to make it possible, they need to create alliances in other countries.

They follow international and updated scientific standards of each medical specialty, covered by graduate specialists who reside or act in the metropolitan region of Campinas, Brazil.

It is an innovative project, coming from the union of the Departments of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery of the Society of Medicine and Surgery of Campinas (SMCC) in a closed agreement in August 2015. They use financial reserve of the departments and the support and advice of the SMCC.

The online portal where parents, doctors and medical students can access and review knowledge of a wide network of pathologies, their classifications, photos and basic flow diagram of attention with emphasis on the correct age of treatment.

They are looking for sponsors.

If any of you, your contacts or your company could be interested and would like to sponsor them, please contact me.

PEDLINE - Pediatric platform is looking for suport"a de cuidado *°

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