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mixed feelings

mixed feelings

mixed feelingsmixed feelings are understood by those who know both sides. 

Today I only want to convey, that everything that seems to be, can be taken differently. 

mixed feelingsIn Holland, the news about American Politics is sparsely, at best - in anyone's language. Perhaps that is best.

Success in business means making outrageous statements, lies, cheating, complete denial of any wrong doing whilst being caught red handed, or, blaming the other for your own short comings whilst claiming the political moral high ground. 

The fact that Trump has taken over the Republican party has not registered here (think in Europe) - yet. 

Subsequently, the topic of Taxation remains of my discussion list whilst depending on, and having to speak from, the old paradigm. It makes my life interesting to say the least. It is hard to speak when information is not available to the public. Although the Dutch are informed, the media is not privatized. The difference is very noticeable if compared to life in Australia. Let's see how long my choices remain, having to be (ignorance is bliss!), between the sponge or the spear.

To celebrate a victory on your own
is like drinking from a cracked glass
that is as dry as a bone.

Frans van Wamel ~ Nijmegen 21 July 2016                                                                For an introduction: Click on a bee, to reveal more
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Frans van Wamel

5 jaar geleden #2

I can understand that you are still racking your brain over it. You can see it but can't grasp it. Look at the similarity of the donut metaphor: The donut is not a whole entity, if it has not a hole in the middle of what it represents. Likewise, there is no possibility of reality, if there is no possibility of belief. #3

Frans van Wamel

5 jaar geleden #1

Indeed @Praveen Raj Gullepalli, indeed. Because of this, I have learned that the truth does not exist, if perception is not real. #1

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