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How to Survive and/or Transform Your Business During the Corona Crisis

How to Survive and/or Transform Your Business During the Corona CrisisHow To Survive The -
Corona Crisis’ In-Business

Nobody saw it coming 2-3 weeks ago, that we would lose a lot of business overnight.
And we have no idea how long it is going to continue being like this.
And yet it is the situation where all European businesses have to cope with now.

Whether we agree with all the harsh measures our governments decides to take or not, it makes no difference because it is happening in reality and very rapidly.
What can you do?

What can you do to survive this period of uncertainty?

There are 3 phases on how to handle this business crisis

1. Unbelief and overwhelm
2. Acceptance
3. Adapt and protect
4. Finding new opportunities

bc040390.jpgAnd I know about it because I can call myself an expert in surviving economical crises.
During the 30 years, I am running my own businesses I have survived at least 4 crises already.
I believe it is a lot easier to survive an economic crisis in this time and age, compared to when I started 30 years ago when we did not even have a computer, internet, cellphones, email etc.

We don’t have to cancel appointments now. Also we can do them online.
We don’t have to cancel networking events now. We can do them online.
When you need to close your business, your clients can still be in touch with you online.

We have so much more tools to come up with creative solutions than back when I first started.

This crisis we can compare with the 9-11 crisis.
It was all of a sudden. Very abrupt. We had to adapt very quickly, and it did not last very long. I hope this one doesn’t either.

Let’s go into more detail in the 4 phases to handle any economic crisis. What happens and what can you do to transform your business.

1. Unbelief and overwhelm

This happened to me last week too. When all the events where I was supposed to speak were cancelled. The first thing I thought was; “Oh No, this is a big part of my marketing formula which all of a sudden dries out”. Every time when I speak, I will get one or two new clients due to the follow-up system I have created.

What about you?

Are you worried about how your business will survive?

Are you worried about how you can work when the kids are at home because schools are closed?

What do you do with all the free time because evening activities got cancelled?

All the networking events are cancelled.

All the sports training and events are cancelled.

Family gatherings are cancelled.

Eating out in restaurants is not possible.

You have PLENTY of time all of a sudden. The time you can use to train yourself.

This is THE TIME to work ON your business.


It is the way it is, there is nothing you can do about it. You can be depressed for a whole week and that is only going to make things worse.

3.Adapt and protect to transform your business

Protect your business. Arrange what you need to arrange.

  • Reschedule appointments. Do not accept cancellations when money is already paid.
  • Do not refund money, it will be disastrous for your cash flow.
  • Schedule online meetings instead of meeting people in person when possible.
  • Take the time to reflect and look forward. This crisis is going to end!
  • Work ON your business now, often there is no time to do so. So when the crisis is over you have a brand new business.
  • When you have people working for you on the payroll find out what laws there are to have them work less in the current circumstances.

4.Finding new opportunities

This crisis can also be about business transformation. Or even better, digital business transformation. Be creative. So much is possible online, nowadays.

This is a great possibility to transform your business digitally.

  • Scheduling appointments online.
  • Conference calls online
  • Live stream your workshops or programs
  • Facebook lives.
  • Creating YouTube Videos
  • Online events
  • Give online programs
  • Scan messages on your Linked-in timeline to find new collaboration opportunities
  • Follow online programs and pieces of training when you have the time now, so you will be able to transform your business with this new knowledge
  • Take on short term online group programs for the next coming weeks.

Yes, you do need to know a little bit about online technique but it is not abracadabra

So, are you taking action and finding new solutions or do you believe this is the end of your business? A successful businesswoman will be creative and will find solutions.

And when you need advice, I am here to help you.

You can always schedule a short one-on-one call with me so I can help you with advice on how to move on from wherever you are right now. In the footer, you will find a link to schedule a call.

Do you want to grow your business during this crisis?

When you want to know more about Tineke Rensen?

3f48b6e5.jpgTineke Rensen is in business for 29 years. She built an international Outdoor and Survival business from scratch and sold this after 22 years.

Tineke was a national whitewater kayaking champion.

She now is one of the most all-round business accelerators you can find. There are very few topics she cannot help you within your business. Many people find it hard to believe when they hear this. How much do you think you know about a topic if you live it day and night for 28 years?

Tineke works with female business owners to grow to their full business potential. She uses her own system the “Blueprint for a Successful Business Makeover”. She is a women’s business coach.

Download the free report of the though row study: How Women do Business”  


Or you can buy my book. Maximum Business Growth for Women


You can also have a look at my website http://www.PowerfulBusinessAcademy.com

Or apply for a free next level consultation of half an hour. 


312192d3.jpgIf you want to have Tineke Rensen Speaking at one of your business events check her Speaker Biography


If you want to connect with businesswomen from all over the world you can become a member of our Powerful Business Women’s Facebook Group

If you want to watch business videos with Tineke Rensen you can like the Powerful Business Academy Youtube Channel

Tineke is the CEO of Powerful Business Academy, which is situated in The Netherlands.

email               info@powerfulbusinessacdemy.com

phone              +31(0)15-7851592

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Tineke Rensen

1 jaar geleden #4

thank you very much. If you need any further help do let me know. these are times we should support one another

Tineke Rensen

1 jaar geleden #3

Thank you so much for sharing my response. And I do agree with your percentages. If you can join us for a webinar about this topic today at 1 pm CET. here is the link. It is not a sales webinar, purely serving, helping and having businesswomen connect with each other https://zoom.us/j/905755948

Fay Vietmeier

1 jaar geleden #2

Tineke Rensen Tineke~ Thank you for your excellent post & encouragement ... I'm sharing it It has been said that LIFE is 10% what happens & 90% how we respond While I would argue with the percentages ... how we respond is vital ... we can do do or act upon what is in our control "Circumstances do not make a man ... or woman ... they reveal the person" ~ Cicero

Tineke Rensen

1 jaar geleden #1

thank you Josip

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