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Ever played Open Misère?

Ever played Open Misère?Wholeness
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Half a decade ago, for entertainment, a teenager would be grateful that they could simply listen to some radio-drama (click for the older sample if you unfamiliar with The War of the Worlds). In those days respect for authority was the norm. Listening to others was stil an art form performed by most people as the electronic feedback systems we have today were simply not available. The physical world was a lot different 5 decades ago to what it is today. News from abroad was hardly available. Public transport was in it's infancy. Electricity was introducing new technologies at a pace never seen before. Lounge rooms were much smaller as they are now. TV's did not exist and the the telefoon was always placed in the least accessible living part of the house, as the bulky telephone initially existed as a luxury for wealthy people to order their servants around. Inequality is not new, neither is the drive for entropy. Most people were the less fortunate, as they only had each other to look after. Therefor, to entertain themselves playing card games together with the family, or with neighbors and friends, was not only common for people in those days - it was a necessity of life. ‘What?’, I can hear you say. ‘Playing cards is a necessity of life?’ Yes it is. How can it not be, if you look carefully?

7e82ec3e.jpgIn many ways the drama of life is played out like a deck of cards. Or should I say this the other way around? A deck of playing cards has many different meanings on each card. You will think of an example and image yourself. Before we had electronics, we had business cards for instance. Notes to be remembered always found their way onto the back of the cards that I collected from those people that I had spoken to.

I got into a habit of fiddling with my cards when I was waiting somewhere and had bundled them with a rubber band so that I always carried the cards that I treasured with me. Many of you may also have used the old business card as their personal index system. There have been mechanical ones. If I needed to remember something I wrote it onto something that was connected to the meaning of my intention. Hence, I still cary my own cards with me, just in case. No benefit is to be gained by writing an important letter on a stop sign in the street. My bundle of 2 by 3’s have been sacred to me as long as I have been visiting businesses, and cards still function as my mobile office today.

Everyone has gót to play their cards right, in order to get ahead. My kids learned the answer to the I am bored problem by having to pick their favorite board game rather early. Sometimes you hold your cards to your chest, sometimes you can throw a ball back to where it came from. Many words get a much deeper meaning if used when the context changes.

So does playing with physical cards. You remember the thing you wrote down better simply by simply recording those items that are important to you. And like most of us, all playing cards in a deck represent a rank and a number, trumped by an Ace. Like in life, sometimes you have a problem that you can not solve. During those times you like to discuss a delicate matter with someone you trust deeply. And just as in the real world, you select those that have something in common. The other person may have the complementary playing cards you need in order to execute the strategy to win the game to the level you challenge yourself. You choose a playing partner, according to the suite you have been dealt.

4e3d0ede.pngSo here I am. On top of the world! You can see me sitting there being happy perfectly balanced sitting on the fence. No longer bothered by anything at all. Because my story is a little complicated, I shall leave a new card on the table over the next few weeks. Most likely two to get me going to speed things up a little. I shall see how I go as I still have other commitments to make, now that I am settling down during the next phase of the deck that has been handed to me. Like any good game, in this game there are some values to be explained, some rules to be learned, a few different possibilities to be explored and feedback sought with the objective to keep the game in play as long as possible. The metaphor to the card game that I am using is one that some of you may also recognize as an existing card game. This is the card game that I learned from my parents. Like the symbology of a deck of cards can be used in different games, their words could be taken in more than way by the way they spoke. The following are some basic rules of the game that I observed my parents play.

There were sixteen different ways you can play in this particular card game. In principle, each gets aturn to choose: to go it alone - or opt for the less exiting play by selecting one out of three other players as a strategic partner. Like in real life, playing on your own is a sign of ultimate strength. These two options provide the different strategies to play this game.

Selecting a partner means that you have to nominate a particular strong suit, as well as a certain amount of points you hope to be able to gain by collecting sets of cards together with your partner. All have a chance to outbid a higher level with the player that holds the opposing High Ace in order to get her the total trump cards that you collectively must get in order to win the bid that you made.

Each player has 13 cards out of a deck of 52. No jokers are used for substitutions. During play, no words may be spoken and the player that holds the highest card in a trick that is not trumped, disrupts the tactic of the opposing team. As more games are played throughout the evening, the deck starts to align because of entropy. This is why shuffling the deck is seen as a cardinal sin. The game itself represents the natural opposing forces and struggle for victory in life. Once and a while, someone ends up with a good hand. This is when you go it alone. 

In the old Dutch card game, this particular strategy is known as Open Misère. You attempt not to get any trick or set of cards by staying under any one other player in each round. You are literally going for broke. You attempt to get nothing. You have been given most of the lowest cards of just two denominations. This way, you can make something out of nothing. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Have you ever won a prize, without knowing it? 'How do you celebrate such a victory?', I have asked myself once. From experience, having achieved the ultimate price of life is expressed in an earlier article of mine: To celebrate a victory on your own, is like drinking from a cracked glass, that is as dry as a bone.

ff21f8d9.jpgBeing in the "Enlightenment Business" is a lonely profession. Speaking about it is not wise. But how does one attain this very special frame of mind? What does enlightenment mean? Does seeing through the haze of thought happen in an instant, or can one grown into it? How does becoming free of thought work. What path or process is there to follow? How does it actually feel to be enlightened? How do you leave your body whilst being alive? When do you know you are enlightened? And, perhaps the most important question given the rush we are all in, how do one communicate being on top of the world, without deflating the Ego of another? As nobody can possibly believe you, you can not talk about how you feel. Therefor, you can only be enlightened.

As I have not been able to find a suitable sounding board to date, the above thoughts have been the questions that I have been examining over the last nine years. Before I start going into this let me make a comment about the current state of affairs since Trump has been elected a few weeks ago. Unless I am wrong, the reason for this extraordinary event of our times might ultimately be the Triple Bottom Line Taxation article of mine that I published a few years ago. Senator Bernie Sanders listed the four responsibilities that gave his campaign a narrative, striking a chord with those he spoke to. After-all I did ask him to be connected with me on LinkedIn, and forwarded the article to him, when he first appeared on the scene. 

Either way, whether my article influenced the political system or not, I suggested in my article for the TBL System to start on February 29 of this year. So far the idea has taken on. Apart from the language. As far as I am concerned the only weapon the world has left to make a stand against the tiffany that is to unleash upon us is to use the language of TBL Taxation. For me it did, in more than one way. The starting date of the course that Colette had given me, coincided with that day. It happened to become a memorable day for me. For me the world had changed. However nobody believed a word I uttered. Unless I can tell my story. Few people so far have had time to listen, and those that have, were not the slightest interested about something so esoteric and far fetched.

Self Actualization is a rather lonely and frustrating journey. 

Almost a year later, the dilemma of not being able to talk about enlightenment openly is still a problem that I am facing. 

On that particular Monday, I started to participate in a Psycho-Educational Development Program that was devised by Colette de Bruin. Colette and her husband Frans have been helping  primary educational institutions, organizations and parents alike, how to communicate with children that are suffering from an Autistic Sensitivity Syndrome for over 20 years on a professional basis. Until today I have never thanked Collette publicly for her social responsibility in helping me to attend her program free of charge, so that I could adjust my own communication problems during my recovery. As a result from Colette's generosity, I hope that my writing to you today is a little more structured than what I have published before. 

a7abc0ab.jpgThe reasoning of an Autistic mind is a hard act for anyone to follow. Never ask an Autistic why something is so. A why question will always get you another explanation or pattern of some sensitivity that is not experienced by others. As such Autistics can be all over the place trying to convey the right connection patterns. In the Autistic mind all information is integral. Rather than going though a linear exploration of patterns before a conclusion can be made, in an Autistic mind all integrated factors can be seen at once. Thus, without having an editor available to express my thoughts in a rather sequential way, I sincerely hope that this article still has enough structure that it makes sense to you. I know how confusing my thinking can be at times of excitement. Expressing my feelings is ongoing and a daily battle. 

Let me therefor hereby show my sincere thank you to not only the Geef me de Vijf Academy, but also in particular Mar Wanrooij (my adopted father figure), who suggested that I should join a discussion group guided by Olga Bogdashina (shown below). If I had not linked in with that discussion group all those years ago, I doubt whether my journey had taken me to where I am today, as I would never have found out the value of the words that described my lived experiences. I certainly would not have been here in Holland to further my research into Autism, where I took this picture of my three musketiers in Tilburg last September. These three have guided me to the path of acceptance and understanding to how my brain functions, so as to finally getting some peace of mind through their confirmation of my Autistic streaks. 

As an adult with Autism in a foreign country, to have this distinctive pattern of thought interferes with communication from a social perspective. To find factual help to explain your behavior, or thought patterns, that first needs to be understood, and thén, confirmed by the medical fraternity (so that you do not have to swallow a pill) has proven to be impossible. On the table the Action Research Model of my own thoughts, whilst Colette (MD Geef me de 5 Academy, Doetichem) signs a copy of her book 'Give me Five' for Olga (Chief Research Fellow and Lecturer at the International Autism Institute). You can understand that I am honored to have these highly acclaimed authors and researchers, as my personal contacts in my newfound homeland. 


Knowing hoever that your thinking is not out of this world, brings a lot of peace in one’s mind, so I have found. Being declared insane by a man with a white coat whilst you know the future is unfolding as you predicted years earlier is not an easy experience to go through. But I must admit that, eventually, one gets used to it. Therefor a very big thank you to all of those that have made my journey over the last year possible. There are many others that I have not named today. I shall make a mention those specifically over the next few weeks, as their help and encouragement have been integral to my journey to date. Their help has been integral in that I have finally been able to dispel the need for medication. Now I can rationalize the meaning and origin of the nervousness that I feel in my body in stressful surroundings. 

Finally, I can now say that I am as happy as one can be, living at ease, free of mind, being tuned-in with the environment. I have resisted the pressures of society to take medication for the signals that are clearly evident in my body. Meditation helped me to understand, where contemporary science and the pharmaceutical industry have failed.

I suspect money may have something to do with the observations that I have made.

For just over one year now I have been trying to get rid of my Ego. Allow me to put that card on the table. Last night I learned that my own cognitive dissonance will not let me to dissolve my Ego - on my own. The Ego needs to check it's position with another person. If the mind does not receive any feedback, it can not disagree with what it creates. It can simply not see the wrong pattern of thought. Because of this, even with my journey to date, the Ego remains my hidden enemy within.

0055ad22.jpgI had sought to be done with my Ego before starting to publish about my journey here at beBee. However, now that Trump has been elected, it has finally become possible for me to put forward the very reason why we should talk about companies and tax avoidance. It makes life a lot more peace-full for me now that my Ego can sit back, and be relaxed about tax. How about you? Are you speaking the TBL language publicly?

Incongruent values and conflicts of interest may be the reason why so few attain a this special way of being, whilst we all unconsciously seek it. Who speaks openly about these desires? Any happy workplace automatically embeds these basic human values as to the reason doing business. Most know about Abraham Maslow's theory of motivational needs. Maslow sought to understand what motivated us and found the complex psychological reasons behind human behavior.

Since most articles in social media about psychological motivation on social media are published by people who have not attained the very peak of Maslow’s Self-Actualization level from a lived experience, any matter on the subject has to be viewed with educated skepticism. Maslow's unidirectional five tear transition from a needing to a being state is always explained from a monistic perspective. Self-Acualisation can only be attained, through a dualistic experience. I shall expand on this in a later buzz


Our ingrained biases of habitual thinking patterns in given circumstances is known as cognitive dissonance. This is a gap in our thought pattern that prevents the mind to see how the Self-Actualisation process actually works without thought. Without an outside influence, the human brain is deceiving itself. You know when another tells you the truth. Your body reacts. You have to dismiss your mental reaction, to factually grasp it. Your body is standing in the way of knowing Your - Self. Dualism is neither understood nor accepted by many, and yet it provides a very neat answer to the old mind body problem, as the beneficial symbiotic relationship model it is known to be in reality. 411c8202.jpg

And hence, from insights of this journey and studies about the Ego over the last nine years or so, I can say that thoughts can become matter. That is a fact.

There are some other facts that I like to bring to your attention at this moment. The following text is 20 minutes worth of speech that I have transcribed verbatim below. The text explains a process that is better told by someone with unusual abilities. Before I expand on my own journey here on beBee any further, I felt the need to share this interesting information with you. The idea of having a master speak came to me yesterday after a connection left me a comment about my skepticism of the future.  

If the information hereunder did not hold the value has, and the weight that it carries, I would not have put it here today. I know that if you were to continue reading, you will understand my reasoning as to why I am including the video link here as well. Given the developments around the world at the moment, you can judge the following knowledge for yourself, and watch the rest of the talk in the link at the end of this article. If you do not get "the message" contained by the following passage, please let me know and I am happy to try to clarify any of references about the said talk below, or my own writing. Thank you for reading my buzz today. If you feel there is knowledge worth sharing, this is the platform to be. 

I sincerely hope you have learned something new today, and I look forward to engage with your thoughts in the comment boxes.


I hope you will join me for a close up as I look forward to writing it.


Be Good, Be Safe, Be Love.

Frans van Wamel, Beek (the Netherlands), 2 December 2016.

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