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Cyber Security and females

Cyber Security and females; a great combination! 

Really happy to have Melanie Rieback and Elsine Van Os speaking on May 17th at our Female Ventures event.

Melanie Rieback, Radically Open Security founder, will share with us some anecdotes from her career development as both a computer hacker and an idealist, and also raise thought-provoking questions about how we each can more effectively use our skills for the public good. 

Radically Open Security is the world’s first non-profit computer security consultancy company. It’s a collective of hackers who aim to disrupt the computer security market with their ideals — give 90% of profits to charity (the NLnet Foundation), release all their tools into the open-source, invite customers to actively participate, and generally optimize for openness, transparency, and community service. 

Our second lecturer Elsine van Os, Signpost Six founder, She will share with us how they are trying to make the cyber security theme more common, a subject for everyone and help people to understand how important it is for day to day interactions. Everyone needs to understand how we can’t trust everything we read online and how we need to be more critical about what we read in media.

Signpost Six focuses on the human in cybersecurity. They believe psychology is an integral part of our digitized world. Online and offline. People, processes, and technology cannot be separated and therefore Signpost Six works together with technology partners to ensure seamless integration.

Get your free ticket here before they are finished!

Cyber Security and females

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Gemma Rubio Rodrigo

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Only 3 more days to go! Get your ticket before they are sold out!

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