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Back from bee-ing away.

Back from bee-ing away.Q Donald J. Trump ©
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North Korea has just launched another
missile. Does this guy have anything better to
do with his life? Hard to believe that South

Hi Folks

You might have noticed that I have been laying low for a while. Welcome back to the deep depths of my mind. Stay with me. Do not get confused, here we go. (writing is not my strongest streak.) It has not been easy to be the only one who dares to claim to know why North Korea is doing what it is. Just ask yourself this question (here, I presume that you know about this suggestion, and something I already had eluded too, in an earlier buzz); 

What happens if a dictator would be losing it's power? 

As far as I know, he would be using all his force he could muster. We've seen it before in many different guises and ways. Anyone trumpeting American politics? Naturally, if a country spends all it's financial resources on weapon research and manufacturing, there would be little left money for the Government to benefit it's people. If the "interest of Money (as we know it) must be defended as Trump is dictating, then giving Corporations even more Tax Deductions (remember: he was proud to be the only one who knew how to avoid paying taxes) is more important than fending for the little guy. His "business accumen" would bring the country back into prosperity, so they still argue. Yeah; Wall Street. Apart from that, I doubt that the average American Joe Blow really knows that, yet again, another company is factually responsible for the money supply in the first place. Moving people of Health Care now, will mean more profit for the country later, once our climate decimated the world population. The big guys are flocking together for the onslaught to come folks. Few may realize that their own country they live in, is in fact, a company also. 

So from my perspective and to stop flapping about for too long: if there is there is "a new form of money through taxation", as it is happening through the actions of America (Bernie will do it if Trump doesn't), how would North Korea do trade with the world? 

That, then, would then be a real problem, for a country that still has the non taxable form of money, would it not?


66faa2bd.jpgOn a more positive note though: I've got my old job back! 

After an intense (somewhat forced) sabbatical, I have been asked to represent the good people from Leadership Management International again.Their branch in Holland had become aware of my presence in the country and asked me if I would be interested to join the LMI coaching fold again. 


Here is a link to the Blue mob for a little more (short term) info.  I will update my credentials here soon. (sorry Javier, thanks for checking my profile today: it prompted me to write a sort story for you as a courtesy to your visit) and to promote myself here too, off course

In that light I am proud to once again, help people change from within - one at the time.

Thank you for reading. 



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