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2 jaar geleden

F&Male double potential | Female Ventures Delft

Gemma Rubio Rodrigo · With the summer solstice at our doorstep, the ever so welcoming · YES!Delft is opening its doors again to host our upcoming Female Ventures event in Delft, next 12th June. · We are putting on the table a hot topic that needs fresh ideas. Just like summer. Dare to guess..? Men and ...

3 jaar geleden

Valuable Contacts Event - Delft

Gemma Rubio Rodrigo · Yes! We at Female Ventures Delft we are organizing an event to kick off the new year and we are so excited! :) · How many people are between you and your goal? · What do you want to achieve and who can help you with this? · We want to help with those questions and more! · We are ...

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