Gemma Rubio Rodrigo

Delft - Provincie Zuid-Holland

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Hi all!

I think about what is there and what is possible to do with it.
I help companies to Improve systems and procedures in online platforms, to make operations more efficient and effective.
Facing new challenges and learning
new things every day drives me!


Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services CEREM
eMETT 4.0 - Expert Level PAUL EKMAN GROUP, LLC
Subtle Expressions Expert Level PAUL EKMAN GROUP, LLC
Public speaking fundamentals Lynda
Effective Listening Lynda


Country Manager Spain Symbaloo BV Symbaloo is a
visual way to create a custom start page. Symbaloo helps to curate and organice the best of the web and you can use it in any device!
Now we have just developed the new platform, to create virtual lesson plans.

launch of SymbalooEDU in Spain 2013. I’m responsible for the Spanish-speaking market.

My goal consists in increasing the number of Spanish-speaking users both from Spain and Latin America. I reach
individual and institutional users at all levels. I perform tasks such as:
Social Media, PR, Communication and business development. I build partnerships with companies, schools, associations and Government.

On may 2016 we have signed an agreement with the MECD (INTEF) for 3 years, to help to personalice the education in Spanish Public Schools, starting with a NOOC to select the first schools joining it

All the information related to the agreement:
Founder & CMO Define The Fine Define The Fine “connect the dots” between your challenges and industries, that will inspire innovative solutions worldwide. Advise, Online strategy, Communications, UX, and CX.

We help our customers adapting their products/services to the Dutch and/or Spanish market, giving them advice not only from the professional point of view, but we also raise the level of cultural awareness, by focusing on the behavioral and interpersonal subtleties of each of the countries; communicating in each country, on the way their inhabitants do. We help them reaching out to the markets, by opening to them, our broad network of professional contacts, finally making it easier for them to penetrate new markets successfully.
Founder Floe Ijs A single cube is able to cool a scotch whiskey in a few seconds, without watering it. Rocky is a heat-fighting machine. Strong to the heat and gentle to the drinks. Our boxer is represented in the package to symbolize the excellence of the product.

Our Ice is of a very high quality, taking more than 4 hours to melt. Produced with purified source water under the most hygienic conditions. Cools drinks without watering them and lets you enjoy a drink for a long time without affecting its quality and taste. The secret of this ice is the process of double freezing, which lowers the core temperature of the ice, drying the external layers at the same time.

Official Distributor - Premium Ice Cubes Cubers
APP and Online
Strategy Director LEAD TCM&L DEFINE THE FINE & LEAD TCM&L are joining forces to help your organisation strive toward achieving current and future goals. By tailor making a behavioural solutions plan, we will help you effectively meet the strategic objectives of your corporation.

Define The Fine is in charge of systems and procedures to make online operations more efficient and effective. LEAD TCM&L uses scientifically proven behavioural principles and behavioural-based design elements.
This powerful and unique combination boosts the uptake, engagement and retention of users of mobile applications and online platforms to the next level.
Team (Delft) Female Ventures Female Ventures is a non-profit organization that stimulates people to meet and exchanges ideas, supporting ambition, leadership, and entrepreneurship, for women.
We host and co-host a variety of inspirational events for ambitious women (man are also welcome!) who would like to learn from and connect with other ambitious women in various industries.
Reviewer INsights Magazine NMSBA INsights - Consumer Neuroscience in Business (formerly known as Neuromarketing Theory and Practice) is the quarterly magazine of the NMSBA, exclusively available to NMSBA members.

INsights is the world’s only publication on consumer neuroscience applied in business. No neuromarketing-voodoo – just solid scientific principles and methodologies, applied to real business scenarios
Lecturer Biotechnology Business Institute Fundamentals of marketing, Customers Experience and Consumers behavior.

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