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Nijmegen - Provincie Gelderland

Frans van Wamel

5 jaar geleden

Not the knot.

You are welcome to interact with my story that is inspired by a fellow word-smith with whom I became acquainted, shortly after I tried my hand to publish on Linked-In a few years ago. As a result from participating in the various specialized discussion groups that had formed, the ...

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Frans van Wamel

5 jaar geleden

The Ethics and Implications of
Modern Warfare

Artificial Consciousness.

Welcome to my latest buzz. I have not written something · controversial · for a while, so here I go. Trailblazers seem to live incognito. On the other hand, it helps to get inspiration. The stream of science that we know as psychology is convinced that behavior can be altered by ...

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Frans van Wamel

5 jaar geleden

Q Donald J. Trump ©
it Follow

North Korea has just launched another
missile. Does this guy have anything better to
do with his life? Hard to believe that South

Back from bee-ing away.

Hi Folks · You might have noticed that I have been laying low for a while. Welcome back to the deep depths of my mind. Stay with me. Do not get confused, here we go. (writing is not my strongest streak.) It has not been easy to be the only one who dares to claim to know why North ...

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Frans van Wamel

6 jaar geleden

Ever played Open Misère?

Half a decade ago, for entertainment, a teenager would be grateful that they could simply · listen to some · radio-drama · (click for the older sample if you unfamiliar with The War of the Worlds). In those days respect for authority was the norm. Listening to others was stil an ...

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Frans van Wamel

6 jaar geleden


Some loose pennies, from the windmill of my mind.

here are some random thoughts that came up a year ago when I was writing under Tom Orrow ((almost) un-edited ) at LinkedIn: · (I thought to release this "almost as is" as a buzz about fractals here on beBee a few days ago caught my eye.  · Only, because geometry uses numbers  ... ...

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Frans van Wamel

6 jaar geleden

mixed feelings

mixed feelings are understood by those who know both sides.  · Today I only want to convey, that everything that seems to be, can be taken differently.  · In Holland, the news about American Politics is sparsely, at best - in anyone's language. Perhaps that is best. · Success in ...

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Frans van Wamel

6 jaar geleden

isn't it nice to see, how to be free?

Welcome to my first buzz - as I celebrate 60 years of being here on this wonderful planet of ours, sharing my thoughts with you today. It is my birthday. You may not know that I get my enjoyment from dissecting systems. Sometimes there are words not exactly deliberately in the wr ...

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