Ankita Parashar

Voorburg, Leidschendam-Voorburg

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engineering Freelancer

Over mij:

My name is Ankita. As a recent advanced data analytics graduate, I am passionate about transforming data into meaningful information for making decisions and solving problems in an environment of responsibility and teamwork. Currently, I am looking for a nice job (as a data scientist) to start my career where I can make changes with my learned skills and at the same time got some opportunity to further hone my skillset :)


I recently received a Master's degree in Advanced Data Analytics, Computer Science from Leiden University. 


My most recent real‑world experience came as my internship and thesis research with a company. At both places, I worked very closely with domain experts to understand the problem statements. After transforming a real‑world problem statement into a technical solution, I created a complete machine learning pipeline starting from data pre‑processing, feature extraction, model selection, hyper‑parameter optimization, and model evaluation. In my masters’ thesis project, I implemented two deep‑learning models (Convolutional Neural Networks and Long Short‑Term Memory) to classify the human activities performed in free‑living conditions using smartphone accelerometer sensors data. Apart from technical knowledge gain, I collected my data in free‑living conditions, where there were no restrictions on smartphone position and orientation for the participants. Another countable experience was with an independent ship design company where I created a machine learning model for automatic labeling of historical AIS data. The labeled data was used to get insights on time and energy spent, which in turn was helpful to optimize the ship design. 

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