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Abby Absi

Abby Absi

Sustainability Specialist
Nijmegen, Nijmegen


Over Abby Absi:

Passionate about creating a positive impact on the environment and society, I am a dedicated sustainability professional with a strong drive to make a difference. I possess a solid foundation in sustainable practices, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.


With a diverse background in sustainability, environmental compliance, and financial analysis, I have successfully contributed to organizations' efforts in driving positive change. I have ensured compliance with environmental regulations in the chemical and plastic industry, utilizing data analysis techniques to identify trends and insights related to materials. Furthermore, I have conducted detailed waste stream analysis, leading to improved efficiency and waste reduction strategies. In the realm of sustainability reporting and CSR, I have analyzed data, generated reports, and managed CSR data, ensuring accuracy and timely updates. Additionally, I have played a key role in strengthening integrated reporting frameworks and enhancing sustainability reporting practices. With a keen focus on life cycle assessment and energy conservation, I have conducted assessments, quantified carbon footprints, and implemented greener options to reduce emissions. Furthermore, my engagement in sustainability awareness initiatives and campaigns, along with my involvement in anti-racism awareness efforts, reflects my commitment to promoting a more inclusive and sustainable society.


My most relevant education includes a Masters degree in Global Environment and Sustainability from Radboud University. Throughout my academic journey, I focused on acquiring a strong foundation in environmental sustainability and resource management. The coursework provided a comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices, environmental policies, and the social and economic implications of sustainable development. Moreover, I actively participated in research projects, where I employed LCA and gained hands-on experience in data analysis, environmental impact assessments, and sustainability reporting. Overall, my education has equipped me with the necessary knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities to contribute effectively to the sustainability field and make a positive impact in promoting environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

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